UCI MTB World Cup Video Series: Inside the Line (Episode 3)

An inside view of what it is like to be a professional downhill racing team competing to be the best in the world. Sponsored by e*thirteen.

The best of the Downhill MTB talented athletes are at it again, racing in seven countries, on seven tracks, all with unique challenges and terrains. The goal remains the same, to be crowned the best in the world. “Inside the Line” is created in partnership with 2022 World Cup Downhill racing teams, produced for cycling audiences around the world.

NS BIKES UR TEAM | Episode 3
Start of season vibes flow strong as we get close and personal with the NS Bikes UR Team. These talented athletes worked year long to get a shot at competing with the best in the world. Over the winter, the UR Team spent all their time training, getting mentally and physically prepared, and tons of practice time in. This spring and summer they will travel around the world racing in new countries week to week experiencing a wide array of tracks, sights and cultures along the way. The schedule can be grueling, but their passion for competition and speed combined with championship dreams will keep them motivated and pushing their limits.

Feeling at one with their bikes and getting setups dialed for the different types of tracks so they are ready to perform at their max potential is a primary goal of a mountain bike team’s preseason.

Inside the Line – Episode 3, WC racer and team owner Fabien Cousiné gives us the rundown of the team line up and a backstage pass to their first session of testing products on some challenging terrain. Fab shows how he works with manufacturers to test current and future products to find that golden combination that helps get them to the podiums.

Vanesa Petrovska is the youngest member of the team and is pursuing the World Cup dream with this being her first year of World Cup racing. She’s fast, stylish and a super talented 1st year junior who has taken to the schedule, training and bike so quickly. We are excited to see her progress throughout the season.

bigquotes The life of a pro team is really exciting with the travel, the pressure, the crowd and the adrenaline of race day, but the reality is the preparation for a pro team is quite a bit different. It mainly happens in a parking lot, at bottom of a chairlift or on the side of a road. This is where most of the riders spend their time speaking with their mechanic, as Downhill is in a constant evolution. There is always something to test. The obvious ones are suspension and tires but everything is up for testing and going into every detail such as: spoke tension, crank length, type of brake pads, rotor diameter, stem length etc… I think one of the key parts of success is to have fun and enjoy the whole process.Fabien Cousinie, Team Owner

Watch the NS Bikes UR Team prep, test and practice to give the 22 WC season their all. George Brannigan, Tracey Hannah, Ky A’Hern and Vanesa Petrovska.

Being on a World Cup pro racing team is a dream come true for many. NS Bikes UR Team loves to ride and, push as hard as they can and we love watching them. Tune in next week and all season long to get team stories and first-hand insights into what it is like to be a professional downhill racing team competing to be the best in the world.

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