The Cleveland Cavaliers may trade back and that’s not the worst idea.

The Cleveland Cavaliers hold the 14th pick in the upcoming 2022 NBA Draft and apparently the Cavs are keeping an open mind about what they’re going to do with the pick. The general consensus was to take a wing player at the pick, but if that’s no longer the plan, then who knows what the team will do.

It’ll come down to where they fall in the draft if a trade is made. They’ll probably just take the best player available if that’s the case, but who knows. So why would the Cavaliers trade down in the draft in the first place?

Well, according to Michael Scotto of HoopsHype, the general belief is that if they can land an additional first-round pick from a team who are eager enough to move up in the draft, they’ll consider trading the pick.

From Scotto;

The Cleveland Cavaliers are open to moving back in the draft if they can acquire an additional future first-round pick, league sources told HoopsHype.

The Cleveland Cavaliers should absolutely consider a trade on draft night

I hate the concept of “championship windows” because if you’re good at your job, you don’t close your window. There’s an old sport saying; you don’t rebuild, you re-load. That’s what all sports franchises should do, as the Cleveland Guardians. They have not entered a legitimate rebuild since Terry Francona has arrived in Cleveland.

They just keep finding new ways of winning, even if it means trading a player that fans like. The trades of Mike Clevinger and Francisco Lindor are why the Guards are as good as they are today.

The Cavaliers should be of the same mindset. Keep looking for new ways to replenish the roster. The Cavaliers don’t “need” their 14th pick this year. If they trade down, keep a late-first round and their two seconds, plus get an unprotected or limited-protected draft pick in the deal for next year, then the Cavaliers would absolutely be set.

Especially if it’s a team that could potentially fall apart in 2022-2023. There’s a chance you make a trade and that team ends up being a bust in the upcoming season. That means there’s a chance you get a better pick in a better draft.

It’s not a guaranteed success story but it’s worth the risk at this point in time. The Cavs are pretty solid all things considered and if you’re going to try and gamble with future assets; then this is it.

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