The Houston Texans get a slight advantage in terms of distance traveled for road games in 2022.

According to Curt Popejoy from the Steelers Wire, the Texans will log a total of 16,224 travel miles for the 2022 season, ranking the 14th-fewest in the NFL. Houston will also visit 14 time zones throughout the season.

Across the rest of the AFC South, the Tennessee Titans have the seventh-shortest travel distance at 12,484. The Indianapolis Colts are 11th at 14,260. The Jacksonville Jaguars travel the third-most in the NFL with 25,534 miles and 22 time zones. The Titans are visiting 14 time zones the same as Houston, while the Colts are visiting 18 time zones.

The Seattle Seahawks will travel the most in 2022 with 29,446 miles and 34 time zones. The Pittsburgh Steelers will travel the least 6,442 miles and zero time zones — all 17 games are in the Eastern Time Zone.

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