Vote of confidence: City heavyweight Charles Allen (pictured) joined THG in March as founder Matt Moulding looked to beef up the board and win back the trust of the stock market
Rising bills: Mortgage costs have increased rapidly over the past six months, bringing the era of ultra-cheap borrowing to an end
US sell-off: Stocks and bonds have tumbled in value, so is it time to take a fresh look?
Vibrant: India, home of Bollywood movies, has a bright future with ‘stunning’ investment prospects, say experts
Hunting: Robert Rhea argued that a bear market has, typically, three phases
Bounce: The FTSE 100 rose 2.7 per cent, or 188.36 points, to 7208.81 while the FTSE 250 was up 2.3 per cent, or 430.73 points, to 19,123.71