Supercars driver David Reynolds has lifted the lid on his controversial new all-meat diet
Finance guru Queenie Tan, from Sydney, (pictured) said if the value of a property could be readily checked, people would likely sell or buy more frequently
Ouch! Snapshots of technological advancements were collated by Bored Panda, among the amusing images is a man testing out the latest flight helmet by running into a wall in 1912
Testing times: Cameron Henderson with some of the air purifiers. The gadgets – which suck in a room's air and filter it before pumping it back out – are must-haves for health-conscious consumers, it seems. A survey from the Government's Office for Product Safety and Standards found one in 12 Britons owned one
Meme stock favorite GameStop was up 20 percent in mid-day trading Thursday. Trades had to be stopped a few times due to the volatility
Barefoot Investor (Scott Pape) has advised investors steer clear of trendy strategies and do nothing, writing 'less is more'
Humans are more sophisticated in their dietary choice than previously thought. A new study suggests we pick food based on micronutrient content rather than starch content
Thirteen councils in England and Wales have become totally cashless, meaning motorists who struggle with technology or do not use a mobile phone are unable to pay (stock image)
Australia is a great place for baby boomers but a lot tougher for the young simply because house prices have surged (stock image pictured)
Eric Fitzpatrick Danison, who was jailed for in 2010 for a £14million property scam, has been caught living lavishly following his release off the proceeds from his crime. Now, police are demanding that he pay it back or return to prison.