The Wake County Sheriff’s Office says they’re investigating a rash of car break-ins and break-ins to attached garages.

Over the past month, deputies said there have been several car break-ins and car thefts at homes in northern Wake County.

In each case, deputies said someone went into a homeowner’s driveway, entered the unlocked car to steal valuables, and in some cases, broken into the attached garage to steal from other unlocked cars.

Some cars were stolen when the car keys were left in them. After stealing the car, deputies said the thief would abandon it somewhere.

Most of the cars stolen were luxury vehicles and have been found the next day when the thief parked them at an apartment complex in Raleigh, in the middle of a north Raleigh intersection or in downtown Durham. Deputies said a car was also found inside a closed garage at a home under construction.

Dozens of firearms have also been stolen out of unlocked cars that were either in the driveway or inside an attached garage, the sheriff’s office said.

The break-ins have occurred between midnight and 4:30 a.m.

The sheriff’s office is encouraging people to lock their car’s doors, close the windows, remove any valuables from the car and report any suspicious behavior, such as people loitering near parked cars or looking into car windows.

Anyone with information on the thefts are asked to contact the Wake County Criminal Investigations Division at 919-856-6800.

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