A New Hampshire woman has been arrested on an abuse of a corpse charge for allegedly keeping her mother’s body for months after she died.

The case has been referred to investigators in the Social Security Administration because the dead woman’s social security checks were being deposited after she died, Bedford, New Hampshire, police said.

The woman died before Memorial Day, in May, police said in a statement announcing the arrest of her daughter, Kimberly K. Heller.

Heller’s family hadn’t heard from her mother for months, and they requested that officers check on her welfare at Heller’s home, on Ministerial Court, police said.

No one was home, but when police returned the next day, Heller allegedly didn’t let them come inside. Officers returned later with a search warrant and found the body of Heller’s mother, police said.

An autopsy found that the woman died of natural causes, according to police, who didn’t name her.

Heller, who is 54, was arrested on Nov. 18 and is expected to appear in court in Merrimack on Jan. 6 to face the misdemeanor abuse of a corpse charge. It wasn’t immediately clear if she had an attorney who could speak to the accusation.

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