— From doorbell cameras to cell phones, it seems cameras are recording our every move. Even now, some parked cars might be watching you.

Tesla cars have cameras that capture a 360-degree view that can even record activity outside the car when it’s parked, locked and unattended.

That footage could be used to help solve crimes.

Using Telsa’s ‘Sentry Mode’ is like an alarm system – with eyes. One video captured at North Hills showed a Tesla getting hit multiple times by a car door. The Telsa was parked and turned off – but still recording.

“I have seen videos online of people keying other vehicles, slamming their door into it and not even caring,” says Carl Lester, who owns a Tesla. “I can’t wait to watch someone just so everyone knows what Telsas can do.”

Attorney Daniel Meier says just like doorbell video — Tesla video can be used in court

“If you can identify the person, I would say even if it’s below your deductible it’s beneficial to use it in some sort of a claim to get the person who damaged your vehicle to repair it,” said Meier. “You shouldn’t have to be responsible for someone else’s damage to your car.”

When enabled, Sentry Mode enters a “Standby” state, like many home alarm systems, which uses the car’s external cameras to detect potential threats.

The system alerts drivers about everything — from people approaching or leaning on cars to breaking windows. And it records 10 minutes of video before any threat is detected.

“I had a friend who got his car keyed and he was able to see who did it. Now, it’s really hard to prove who did it because it was the back of some guy’s head, but at least you know what happened,” said Mandy Cline, who switched to Telsa in 2019 to save on fuel. She said the security system was an added bonus.

Lester says even though Sentry Mode uses more battery – it’s worth the added protection.

Tesla rolled out Sentry Mode as a standard feature in 2019. It’s currently available in all models manufactured after 2017.

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