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Cygnet Infotech announces the launch of Cygnet Fintech

By Leandra Monteiro


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Cygnet Infotech, FinTechCygnet Infotech, a technology company with clients across India, North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, announced the grouping of its products and solutions for the FinTech space under the Cygnet Fintech brand.   

SMEs and MSMEs are the major growth engines of economies that rely on banks and financial institutions to help with their funding needs. Banks and financial institutions need solutions to help them navigate through multiple challenges of minimizing lending risks, securing data, streamlining credit operations, and safeguarding their profitability.  

To meet such challenges, Cygnet Fintech offers solutions such as Credit Assessment & Decisioning platform which comprises of GST Data Analysis, Bank Statement Analysis, ITR & Financial Statement Analysis, Underwriting Model, Invoice Verification for Trade Finance or Bill Discounting and more. These offerings equip banks, NBFC’s, and other financial institutions with data, financial ratios, and insights for a better credit assessment to reduce risk and turnaround time for credit underwriting decisions. With a rich experience in technology, Cygnet Fintech also assists to digitize lending journeys from onboarding to disbursals. 

“Cygnet Fintech is yet another step in the digital transformation of the financial sector. It will empower and enable businesses to take informed financial decisions, automate and simplify financial institutions’ customer acquisition process, and manage underwriting services with ease. We envision to build a connected and smart ecosystem that helps businesses reduce data-driven credit risk by providing intelligent insights,’’ said Niraj Hutheesing, Founder and Managing Director of Cygnet Infotech. 

Cygnet Fintech will build on Cygnet Infotech’s existing base of customers that use its credit risk assessment and compliance with the vendor ecosystem. These solutions will enable credit managers, business heads and product heads to make informed decisions to drive sustainable growth. Irrespective of the borrower ticket size, these offerings will help them quickly analyse borrower creditworthiness and digitize the entire lending journey from customer onboarding to loan disbursement for improved customer experience.  

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