Paper Moose has been awarded the creative account for challenger fintech Nano Digital Home Loans following a competitive pitch.

“We love brands that challenge the status quo, so we’re excited to partner with Nano. In a society where homeownership is becoming increasingly complicated, forward-thinking brands like Nano can help turn the tide,” said Paper Moose CEO and founding partner, Nick Hunter.

Since the fintech’s launch in July last year it has significantly expanded its team, recently announcing its B2B and SaaS expansion under Nano Lending Solutions, where Nano is set to power AMP’s new all digital mortgage product.

Vanessa Fletcher, CMO of Nano said: “Paper Moose’s strong creative and strategy teams, and their collaborative process really stood out during the pitch. Their challenger ethos matches ours perfectly and we look forward to wreaking a little havoc together to take home loans out of the stone age.”


Earlier this month the B-Corp creative agency launched its first work for fellow fintech challenger brand, Valiant.

The win adds to the B-Corp creative agency’s roster of challenger brands, including Australian Ethical, Valiant, Brighte and felix mobile.

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