Bike Month Events Kick Into Gear This Weekend In Edmond

The City of Edmond is hoping to get more people out and about on two wheels instead of four during National Bike Month this month.

City officials said bikes have great benefits for communities. Using bikes as a mode of transportation increases healthy activity while also decreasing emissions and traffic congestion.

Edmond is already bike-friendly with trails, routes and roads all around the city, but city councilman Josh Moore said they’re still looking for ways to improve.

“We have a master trail plan that includes the entire city limits, ” Moore said. “So it can’t all be done at once, but we can do it sections at a time.”

Moore said the citizens of Edmond are very pro-bike, and the plan is to have trails linking Arcadia Lake to downtown Edmond so people can get anywhere they need to on their bikes.

Some of the events for bike month include “Bike To Work Day” on May 20, “Bike To Church Day” on May 22 and a month-long bicycle scavenger hunt.

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