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Baker McKenzie is pleased to launch the fourth in our Biden Supply Chain Policy video series focused on the critical minerals and strategic materials supply chain, which is another of the critical supply chains that has been a particular focus of the Biden Administration. This supply chain includes lithium, cobalt and other rare earths and minerals that are the building blocks of products used every day. The Biden Administration has been pursuing policies aimed at diversifying this supply chain, such as through on-shoring or near-shoring refining capacity. At the same time, the Biden Administration has been focused on implementing policies that seek to address sustainability, corruption, forced labor, conflict minerals, and other ESG-related issues that may show up in this supply chain.

In this video Kerry Contini (Partner, Washington DC), Marilyn Batonga (Partner, Washington DC), David Hackett (Partner, Chicago), and Reagan Demas (Partner, Washington DC) discuss some of the key legal and compliance considerations for companies operating in this supply chain, with a specific focus on the impacts of the Biden Administration’s policies on ESG-related legal and compliance risks.

In the coming days we will launch a video focused on the business and legal implications of the Biden Administration’s policies on pharmaceutical supply chains. You can the other short videos in these series on key trends (see here), the semiconductor supply chain (see here) and the large-capacity batteries supply chain (see here).

We hope that you find this discussion to be helpful and encourage you to reach out to us to discuss what the Biden Administration’s supply chain policies may specifically mean for your business.


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