MAY 8 – Leslie T. Sterne, local agent for the Gulf Refining Company, returned to this city this morning after a short business visit to Goliad.

Arthur Seydler, who has been attending school at the West Texas Military Academy in San Antonio, is in the city visiting Victoria relatives and friends.

MAY 11 – The first Lincoln automobile that has been known in Victoria made its arrival this week. It is the property of Jim O’Connor of Goliad County. The Lincoln is in every sense of the word an automobile, and has a 36 horsepower engine and a body finished in the most superb and elegant manner.

Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Traber and family left Wednesday for Houston. Mrs. Traber is on a visit to her parents and Mr. Traber is attending business matters in the Bayou City.


MAY 9 – A budget approximately 60 percent higher than the one last year was adopted by the Victoria Chamber of Commerce at a meeting of the board of directors Thursday afternoon. At the same time the directors voted to increase the minimum membership fee to raise the budget and make possible the new program of activities planned. “We felt we couldn’t make any headway operating on the small budget of the past few years,” Frank Guittard, president said. “Victoria stands at the threshold of great opportunity.”

MAY 12 – Nine men, concession operators and employees of the Alamo Expositions carnival that was here last week, were assessed fines in Justice of the Peace Alfred C. Baass’ court today on their pleas of guilty to charges of disturbing the peace at the carnival grounds Saturday night. Officers said the free-for-all fight grew out of an argument over one of the concessions.

Dr. D.M. Mills among several Victoria aviators who flew to New Braunfels Sunday for breakfast.


MAY 10 – Nazareth Academy has named Mary Beth Pargac valedictorian and Sharon Bonorden salutatorian for the commencement exercises to be held at Victoria College Auditorium.

Victoria Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors Tuesday formally endorsed the University of Houston as the existing state-supported university to offer junior, senior and master’s level educational programs in Victoria. The idea of a branch university on the Victoria College campus has already been endorsed by the Coordinating Board of the Texas College and University System.

MAY 13 – Ben Bolech and Harvey Haas received their 25-year pins, with 20-year pins going to Adolph Pesek and Lucille Marshall, during the annual picnic for Victoria area employees of Groce-Wearden Co.

Highlighting Mother’s Day for many Victorians will be the Mother’s Day Ball at Community Center Sunday. Sponsored by Las Madres de La Communidad de Victoria Club, the ball is open to all Victorians. Proceeds from the ball have provided money toward kidney funds and for college students.


MAY 10 – Beverly Arnold of the Botanical Garden Association said Friday’s rain washed away any chance of Sunday’s planned grand opening of the refurbished Rose Garden in Riverside Park. Before the rains started, Arnold and her co-workers were busy in the garden placing markers bearing the names of donors near the newly planted rose bushes. She said workers plan to begin pumping water out of the garden today and the new date for the grand opening will depend on how quickly it dries.

MAY 14 – Victoria agricultural officials issued a warning Tuesday to pecan growers: it’s time to spray for the pecan nut casebearer, a pest that can destroy a pecan crop. “Eggs of the casebearer have been found in Victoria County,” said County Extension Agent Joe Janak. He said a very heavy “egg lay” was found Tuesday. If untreated, the eggs could hatch and cause significant damage to the pecan crop, he said. He said organic pesticide such as “Bt” or commercial pesticides like malathion, Sevin or Lorsban can be used.

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